Choose vases for different decorations

How to choose the best vase for different decorations and rooms?

The vase can be placed almost anywhere from the table to the floor, or even hung on the wall. The vase you should buy depends on where it is placed.

1. Floor vases support larger bouquets, which are usually the core of a large room, and should match the decoration of the room because they are large.

The wall vase is very modern and can add personality to any interior decoration. It is an ideal choice for families with pets and children.

2. Sculptural vases are a great choice for artistic decoration and eclectic interior decoration.

If the interior decoration style is minimal, please choose plain and neutral vases. Neutral colors (such as white and beige) match various flowers very well.

3. If you want to add color to the interior and make it eye-catching, please choose a colorful vase. The green vase is versatile and looks great with various flowers in yellow, red and pink. The grey vase creates a tranquil atmosphere and makes the flowers stand out.

4. Round and oval vases can be easily placed on console tables and sideboards, creating a charming focal point in an elegant and simple space.

5. Smaller vases, such as bud vases, can be placed on the bedside table and in the bathroom. They light up simple rooms and add to the appearance of the home. The small vases are very suitable for table setting, because they will not hinder your itinerary.

Rectangular vases and cubic vases look best in modern interior decoration.