How Glass is Made

Glass packaging is pure, made from natural elements. Out of fire and sand, iconic Hualian glass containers take shape. We create our glass packaging using the highest quality standards and expertise developed through our rich history of innovation.

Step 1: The Recipe

We use sand, limestone, soda ash and recycled glass in our glass recipe. Then the combined ingredients are sent to the furnace to melt.

Step 2: Melting

Our furnace heats the batch mixture to about 1,565 degrees Celsius, or 2,850 degrees Fahrenheit, creating molten glass.

Step 3: The “Gob”

The molten glass is removed from the furnace, cooled to a uniform temperature and cut into “gobs” to form our glass containers.

Step 4: Forming

We divert the gobs into forming machines and then mold them into beautiful, functional Hualian glass containers.

Step 5: Conditioning

Formed containers pass through the lehr, a machine that reheats and gradually cools them to relieve any stresses and strengthen the glass.

Step 6: Inspection

Finally, we inspect our glass containers to make sure they meet our high quality standards. We recycle and remelt any containers that fail to meet these standards.