Choose a glass vase

A Glass vase is a container that we use to hold flowers in our lives. Flowers are naturally a decorative element of the room, and vases are matched with flowers to make the whole decoration more glamorous.

In the current home decoration purchase, the role of vases is not only limited to the matching role of the vase and the role of growing flowers, but also pays attention to the design and beauty of the vase itself, so that people have a better visual experience of the vase. It is more important to pick a suitable glass vase.

1. First, check whether the bottom of the bottle is stable. Place the vase on a flat surface and gently touch it with your hands to see if the vase will shake.

2. Check whether the color of the bottle is even. In this regard, special attention should be paid to color vases.

3. It is necessary to check whether there are large black particles on the surface of the vase. This is caused by the incomplete dissolution of the raw materials for making the vase. If the size of the vase is extremely small, it will not be a big problem, but if it is larger than 5mm, you need to contact the seller to propose Replace the product.

4. Check whether there are a lot of bubbles on the surface of the vase (except for the deliberately made bubble vases). If there are a lot of bubbles and they are clustered together, it is not acceptable; if the bubble diameter is too large, it is not acceptable. (The number and diameter of the bubbles should be relative to the size of the vase).

5. If the mouth of the vase is cut, you need to check whether there is stubble on the mouth. If the mouth of the vase is open, you need to check whether the mouth is uneven.