Selection of vase types

What are the different types of vases to choose from?

There are many types of vase designs, and you can experiment in different rooms and various flowers. The following are the most common types of vases:

1. Cylindrical and cylindrical vases are tall and elegant, and match well with flowers with long stems (such as sunflowers and lilies). If you want to show the breath of long-stemmed flowers, these are ideal choices.

HourGlass vases are harmoniously combined with short-stemmed flowers such as roses and peonies. These vases are curvilinear, wide at the bottom, narrow in the middle, and slightly flared at the top.

2. Although fish tank vases are not suitable for all types of flowers, they are particularly suitable for single branch or hand-tied flower bouquets, such as roses and tulips.

A bunch of small flowers looks best in a bud vase. They are usually mismatched in size and are very suitable for slender branches, delicate little flowers and simple arrangements.

A rectangular vase is a good choice if you want more space to spread your flower arrangement.

3. Narrow neck vase is suitable for long flowers with thin stems. Because of its narrow opening, dense bouquets should be avoided.

4. Small cube vases look like delicate and large flowers, such as succulents and anemones. You can also add decorative pebbles to add decoration.