1、 Foundation Time

HuaLian Glass manufacturing Co.,Ltd was founded in 2004 and the predecessor is Xuzhou Glass factory founded in 1983.

2、 factory strength

HuaLian Glass manufacturing Co.,Ltd re-built and invest in 5 branch company in Jiangsu,Shandong,Hebei province in 13 Years.Main products:Clean glass bottles, high white glass bottles, crystal glass bottles, green glass bottles, brown glass bottles and high borosilicate glass products.

HuaLian is one of the biggest manufacturer of glass products in china and member of China glass association .

3、Production Capacity

Clean glass bottles Factory output of 150 tons

high white glass bottles Factory output of 110 tons

crystal glass bottles Factory output of 50 tons

green glass bottles Factory output of 180 tons

brown glass bottles Factory output of 120 tons

high borosilicate glass products Factory output of 20 tons

4、customized products 

HuaLian had its' own design team and designed the exclusive products for more than 1000 customers.

5、Mold Time

Sample mold needs 20 days to design and produce.

Production time of bulk mold : 20 days

6、Factory management standards

HuaLian always take ISO9001 as manufacturing standards and take the Best quality as final aim.

7、 Production process

Design drawing--Mold-Sample-modify sample- bulk mold- bulk production-delivery

8、 Packing

Packed by carton /pallet with shrink film


Bulk order by sea and sample by air